The New Moon rises tomorrow, hallelujah! Again we renew ourselves into the sun’s reflected light, a little wiser, expanding deeper into the unknown.

 Tomorrow on the 13th of March, the moon rises black around 6:47am MST, peaking at 12:44pm and sets at 6:36PM. I encourage you to join in during these times of its rebirth.

Now is the completion of the Snow Moon’s cycle. Witness and dissolve into the emptiness, clear yourself from the past and expand into the open sky. Come into the darkness, experience the Void.

From darkness, light is born. From the mother’s womb we are born into light.

Darkness holds power.
Without power, light collapses, and love has no way of becoming manifest.

We are unique aspects of God, an individualized aspect of oneness working in manifested human form. We are everything and nothing all at once; infinite potential, flowering the subconscious into the conscious.
It is the dark night that holds the stars. It is within the womb of the Universe that life is created; it is here that you reclaim your power directly from Source.

Embrace the darkness and watch boundaries and limitations expand, dissolving anxiety’s and fears, immersing into the empowerment found in the darkness.

Love and blessings to you on this New Moon. Explore the darkness while supported by the unified stars, constellations and galaxies reflecting back the Totality of who you are: bright and shining, designed within the sacred geometries of our Universe, and at the biggest party our Souls are designed to see. 

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