WHAT if on this New Moon, instead of guiding you up towards the sky, I told you that there isn’t one. That the sky is simply refracted light.

If there is no sky, then what is the sky? You may ask. What am I if there is no sky?

You are the sky. We exist as a source of light, the light of consciousness ignited by the spark that burns for our heart’s desires.

In what areas lie your talents?  With what methods and in what surroundings can you share them?

Welcome inner freedom and openness, expressing emotions more freely. You are the sky, infinitely limitless, the source of light within. The fulfillment of your wishes is possible here and now. Carry with you the inspiration of the cosmic to manifest on the material plane.

Are you ready for the great fortune?  What’s still standing in your way?

Reflect now on your biggest strengths, removing self-limiting fears and shine. Breathe into the inspiration and let it give you wings for your soul to manifest in marvelous ways. The New Moon is with us NOW. Peaking at 12:08pm MST.

“I am in harmony with the divine Light which fills and guides me”

Visualize the light and warmth of the sun in your chest and heart. Remind yourself several times daily that the sun is shining in and through you.

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