The Meridian Wheel: The 24-hour Cycle of Our Energy Body

The meridians have a daily flow and run on a 24-hour cycle.

The circulation of energy through each meridian segment has high tides and low tides and times of yang tides and the time of yin tides.

As energy circulates along the meridian pathway, its flows fluctuate so that for each meridian, at one time of the day it will be at ‘high tide’ and also at ‘low tide’.

Pay attention to when you are most vibrant or lacking energy during the day. If you are waking up in the middle of the night, what time is it and which meridian is at its high peak and which at its low?

Ever have jet-lag? It’s because your meridians are out of sync!

The Meridian Flow Wheel, yes will counter jet lag and also serves as a guide to understand which meridian may be over or under-energized. If you wake up in the night or need to take a nap during a part of the day, pay attention to the time! What times are you most energized? What times are you most low?

With just a little investigation we can discover where in our life is affecting our well being and how we can support ourselves feel whole; to participate in the world as being responsive versus reactive in our day to day interactions.


  • Badia April 1, 2021 10:23 am

    Very interesting how the system works thank you. Please what dose it mean when the person depleted at sertain time, and what they should do?

    • InfinityWorksHealing April 2, 2021 1:40 pm

      Hello! Thank you dear one. When one’s energy is depleted it can show up as physical illness, insomnia, pain in the body, and/or emotional distress. Depending on the depletion will lead to best ways to heal. Seek help if you are in any distress and believe that you are able to return to whole body vibrancy.

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