Discover Your Light Body

I invite you to imagine your body with another lens. To go in one more dimension of your reality. To feel the unseen and believe it to be you!

The light body is what underlies our physical form. It is simple yet as complex as the human body whose health and very functioning depend on the proper flow of energy. The body’s energy anatomy is multi-layered like the physical anatomy.

Just how we have our physical body with its organs and blood vessels, we also have energy systems that support our physical, emotional and mental body that are subtle to the eye. In the same way an artery carries blood from your heart to the rest of the body, a meridian carries energy to its specified organ and systems that it oversees. In the same way the stomach supports the metabolism of food, the chakras supports the processing of energy. Like how the skin encloses the physical body, the aura contains the energetic. These are just a few of the many analogies of how the physical body and energetic correlate and support the human vessel.

The health of the body reflects the health of its energies. When the body is not healthy the corresponding disturbances in its energies can be identified and addressed.

Energy wants to move and wants to move in specific patterns and follows particular patterns or pathways, working in harmony with your physical anatomy.

Once we begin to understand that everything affects the body according to the energy model, we begin to understand the relationship between chemicals and the body, food and the body, light and the body, sound and the body, and relationship between ourselves and others.

First function of body is survival, second priority of the energies is to move toward healthy functions of the core and essential systems, even at the expense of others, less crucial aspects. The third priority when not in conflict with the first two, is to support your intentions, both conscious and unconscious.

Energies can be re-patterned and this is the core of what we will do together; to shift out of dis-ease and into wholeness.

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