What is Irregular Energy and How to Shift It

Energy needs space to move.

And can become blocked or constrained due to prolonged stress, muscular constriction, toxins, or interface of other energies.

Chronic pain usually involved excess energy in the area of the pain or stagnant energy that cannot relate. Pain will often decrease if such congested energies are freed.

By the stress and challenges of everyday life, human beings have a tendency to become tighter and more restricted over time.

When there is not enough space for energy to travel freely in the body the person can no longer function effectively. This can interfere with the body’s health leading to pain, discomfort, emotional distress, illness and disease.

The body’s various energies and energy systems tend to move in characteristic, predictable patterns. When you undergo stress or trauma, your energies react in ways that help you adapt. This coping strategy is the best response the body can figure out for adapting to the stress being encounters at the time. But sometimes these patterns become ingrained, as automatic as ‘knee-jerk’ reactions. They persist long after they are necessary, becoming locked in and counterproductive and become irregular energies.

Irregular energies can occur in the body’s overall polarity in the meridians, and compromise the the body’s overall functioning, interfering with its ability to adapt and adjust to new circumstances, and can block interventions.

Notice how the body naturally works with gravity

Working with the polarities of the body is an energy technique to create space for healing by freeing blocked meridian energies, balancing chakra energies, and cleaning the auric field.

Of the techniques used, we can close the gateways that allow non-adaptive chronic pain signals to reach the brain and develop techniques to support the natural ability for the body to heal, increase endorphins, and produce natural morphine-like proteins to suppress pain.

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