The Electrics: Your Personal Star Constellation

The Electrics is an energy system that is made up of subtle and electromagnetic energies that interconnect with all other energy systems.

I like to think of them as the stars of your aura. Trillions of stars creating constellations that bridge together energy pathways vibrantly and effectively to ignite healing for the human vessel. The Electrics connect and bridge the energy systems of the light body.

The two types of Electrics to work with are Revitalizing and Deep Healing. Revitalizing energies move specific electrical energies throughout the body, while Deep Healing elections work with the wisdom of the body.

Revitalizing Electrics are best to use for intention to the power of the third eye, heart, and root chakra, and overall connection to the sensation of self on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Revitalizing Electric Points can be used to align actions, feelings and thoughts and can be used to improve the internal compass and connect the individual inward and with their their eyes.

Deep healing with the Electrics enables energies to communicate and bring healing to the body in areas of need. Since the Electrics turn on the body’s fire, and serve as its electricity and spark, they can ‘burn’ through emotional, physical and energetic blocks, especially scar tissue or trauma in the body as it directly impacts the Nervous System.

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