Neurolymphatic Reflex Points: Discover the Traffic Jams of the Energy Body

What if I were to tell you that tender spots on the body were maps on ways to bring your body into balance?

Tender spots on the body, more often than not, are where Neurolymphatic reflex points are located. These points are where in the body we hold blocked energy. Every organ is covered with the lymphatics system, which supports the cleaning of toxins and these reflex points trigger activity in the lymph system. The Neurolymphatic system covers the energy body serving as traffic control areas. If you are out of flow in anywhere in your life, the Neurolymphatic reflex points will cause a traffic jam, calling to your attention.

Each Neurolymphatic reflex point is linked to a specific meridian, which has specific functions for the body. If a meridian is out of flow or weak, massaging these tender points will help help clear the congestion and support flow.

Once you have correlated the tender spot to a Neurolymphatic reflect point and discovered which meridian is congested, investigate where imbalances in the the Five Rhythms energy system may be calling for support.

Soreness on these points means there is stuck energy. Let it serve as a guide to investigate deeper where physical, emotional and mental blockages may be present.

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  • Badia April 1, 2021 10:15 am

    Very interesting how the neurolymphatic works

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