Come into Relaxation with the Neurovasculars

Neurovascular points are on the head and connect to specific Meridians and its Rhythms, muscles, organs, and glands based on patterns that were established back when the fetus developed.

When touched or held these points can boost blood circulation in the brain, as well as in our entire body flossing out lactic acid from the muscles.

These points can be used to work with and flow through emotional distress as well as balance hormones and negative thoughts. They can reprogram a particular response and is effective way to manage many of today’s stressors, calming the nervous system, supporting clarity and confidence.

Working with these points can provide profound relaxation, as if you have returned to a place of peace, safety and comfort. It stimulates the body’s organic self-healing abilities, often opening deep reservoirs of psychic knowing. It enhances the health of the blood flow and helps expand the auric field.

They bring calmness and stability and support the ability to stay centered even in highly challenging situations.

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