What is Your Aura?

You are responsible for yourself and three feet around you. While subtle to the eye this space around you is your aura. Like your personality, your aura is distinguishable and unique to the Essence of you.

The auric field is our energetic spacesuit, filtering outside energies in our environment and bringing energy into our chakras, and acts as an antenna transmitting out holographic information about ourselves.

Like a magnet, it can attract and repent. Auras are ways in which we energetically communicate with other people and our environment. It serves as our receiver and transmitter, sensing and pulsing all interrelated energy fields into and out of the blueprint of our body.

Our auric field is generated by the spinning of the chakras, as it spins, each chakra produces its own electromagnetic field. This field then combines with fields generated by other chakras to produce the auric field.

The spinning of the individual chakras creates energy, the frequency of which determines the color or particular color of a particular chakra. If you ever look into your closet and think you don’t have anything to wear, it is actually that you don’t have any colors that compliment your aura. Begin to notice what colors make you smile, bring ease and calmness or give you energy.

A healthy aura, enables humans to feel safe and strong, attracting energies that are positive and keeping out those that overwhelm.

If strong, the aura will filter energies into the physical and chakra system that cultivate health, confidence and compassion, and illuminate these back into the environment.

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