The Radiant Circuits serve as our energy system that instills strength, resilience and spontaneous healing.

They are the radiant glow you can feel in others, they are about bringing joy and spiritual ecstasy to the individual.

Known by the Chinese as the ‘Strange Flows,’ ‘Collector Meridians’, or ‘Extraordinary Vessels’, the Radiant Circuits are like hyperlinks are to the internet, they jump to where they are called to assist in the body. They are pathways that cover the body from the head through the arms, and down the front, back and sides of the body to and through the feet, as well as up the legs and center of the body.

They are energy pathways that are similar in form to meridians, however, they are a finer in frequency, and have no fixed pathway like meridian. Medical intuitives argue that Radiant Circuits pre-date the meridians and are the first energy pathway to appear in the developing fetus.

Radiant circuits flow in a pattern that responds to the body’s needs and thoughts and do not have designated path like the meridian energy system does. They go where they are needed. Supporters of vibrancy and harmony throughout the entire body-energy system, since all of the body’s energy systems are linked together through them.

Radiant Circuits bring us in contact with our core-self, orienting the path toward joy rather than despair. they are sometimes known as psychic channels. The Radiant Circuits are like the reservoirs available to all systems that need more energy.

There are 10 major Radiant Circuits, and of these 10, four are meridians. The four meridians that also serve as Radiant Circuits are the Spleen, Triple Warmer, Central and Governing meridians.

Chinese Medicine Chart of four of the Radiant Circuits also known as Extraordinary Vessels.

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